Computer on desk with the words Digital Marketing on monitor

Expertise In Digital Media

Digitalization and Media impact all industries and the emergence of new technologies requires companies evolve, innovate, and stay flexible.

We Assist Both Private and Public Companies source and recruit top Digital and Media talent.

A sampling of our expertise in the digital and Media industries:

  • Digital management (Chief Digital Officer, Director of E-Commerce..) or e-Commerce
  • Online acquisition, (SEO, SEM) & online marketing
  • Client insight management: CRM, Web Analytics (Director CRM/e-CRM, Head of Web Analytics)
  • Data knowledge management (Chief Data Officer, Data Analyst, Head of Datamining)Information Technology and Information System management (Chief Technical Officer, Chief Information Officer, CIO, Chief Architect)
  • Commercial / Sales management (Commercial Director, Senior Director of Client Services..),
  • RTB, Programming, Ad serving/Ad exchange,
  • Digital Out Of Home (DOOH),
  • Social Media Management, E-Reputation, Online Communications,
  • Digitalization of outlets & multi-channel strategy